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Our chef's combine a blend of traditional spices and locally grown fresh produce, all you need to do is cook your meat or vegetables and add sauce - giving you exactly what you desired without leaving the house or making a dent in your pocket.

6 Sauces @ £28.20

12 Sauces @ £47.50

Includes Postage & Packing. Please note this is a chilled product and should be stored under refrigeration upon delivery.


This is a mild dish made to an authentic style that originates from Northern India. The smooth and creamy sauce is ideal for use with chicken or vegetables.

Tikka Masala

The nation's No. 1 curry, Meah's is offering something for everyone in this rich well balanced rounded sauce that is ideal with meat, chicken and vegetables.


An aromatic dish originating from Gujarat in India. The rich and sour sauce is thickened with lentils and ideal with meat or chicken.


This is an authentic hot sauce originating from Southern India. An ideal accompaniment with meat or chicken.


An authentic sauce from west Bengal, that consists of fresh green Chillies and other hot spices.


Originally a Kashmiri Dish. Rogon Josh is an exceedingly popular dish. Authentically made with lamb, it can contain dozens of spices and varying amount of tomatoes.


A delicious caramelised onions & peppers that originates from South Asia. Do means two & piaza means onions, double onion.


Named after the pot which it is traditionally cooked, the Balti is of Punjabi origin, but was devised in Birmingham during the late 70s. This rich sauce includes tomatoes and onions and is an ideal complement with prawns or meat.